Deep Summer

The Update

So. what’s been happening with y’all? We are in deep summer. Heat lighten’n and buzz’n bugs. Tobacco bloom’n and wear’n it’s bright yellow leaf skirt. Slow mov’n farm implementations. (you have to speak every syllable of that word very deliberate like). Kudzu sport’n purple tussie mussies. I’ve been up to quite a lot since my last blogging….and I only threw a hissy fit one time – but that story comes later!

By the time I’m finished doing a little of this and a little of that,  the month is over. That’s what must have happened to June.  If you click on the pic, I think it will get bigger so you can see the fine workmanship!


The high points since I went underground
Had two great visits from family and friends.
I finished Maudie’s and Alison’s afghan.
Created two “subway” art pics for my St.Louis themed kitchen wall.
Made a small rug for my boss.
Started back on eating healthy – without that devil weed Kale. Of course for special events like visiting dignitaries I went off my course, but had no difficulty getting back on – no red meat, dairy, or grains – and the only thing I miss is BREAD! I love bread. I crave bread. I’m like a junkie when it comes to bread. Wait. I love CHEESE, too! I crave cheese! But, I’ve been good in spite of the celebratory cheese cake (41st Anniversary!) and tritip 8 ounce medium rare steak from the hands of Meat God. I’ve lost 9 pounds. Yay Me!
Worked on my echinacea Japanese garden plantings and lit up my little pagoda. Thats when the darn Japanese beetles showed up. What would Monsanto do when faced with the JBs?
I finished listening to a couple of really good books – I mean really good books.
The Martian by Andy Weir. WOW! What a movie this will make. Matt Damon is going to play the lead. Good choice. I hope who ever makes the movie doesn’t muck it up. Also listened to Surgeon in Blue by Scott McGaugh. This was an historical review of the civil war battle field surgeons, their struggles with fighting infections, pus, amputations, pain, and government red tape. I enjoy learning about how care was provided before it became the new high tech. Since I was in the mood, I read Killer Angels by Michael Shaara – about the battle of Gettysburg and the Generals that fought. I knew Gettysburg was a horrible event, but I had no idea the extent of devastation to man, beast, and geography. However, because of this war and the influence of the surgical improvements by the surgeons in the Crimean War, advances were made in medicines and the provision of care. The modern EMT system was first born during those wars out of the need to quickly clear the battle field of the wounded. Advanced techniques in plastic surgery were being developed due to the extreme disfiguring nature of wounds.
I also listened to Silas Marner by George Elliot, because I always try to toss in a classic or two when I’m on a listening binge. I first read this at sixteen in sophomore year but I never realized how beautifully she composed this book. It’s nice to revisit the old books once in awhile, and enjoy real writing. Elliot was no dreck!

We have a horse as a neighbor, so we got flies! If you are being bothered by those pesky flies try this. Don’t ask me why this works, or how this works, but it works. It may or may not work for you. All I can tell you is that it worked in NC. Get yourself a ziplock bag, throw in about 5 shiney pennies and fill it with water. Put it by the door you open the most. No herds, flocks, or swarms have darkened our door since putting a bag out. Some folks just fill up a mason jar and place it on a table. It’s the most amazing thing. If you are skeptical, just Google it!

….and now the moment you have been waiting for –

The Hissy Fit
I was scheduled for a routine colonoscopy screening. So I prance into CVS to pick up my super duper prep kit and was hit with a $85.00 charge for a laxative! In addition, I had to buy two bottles of MagCitrate to complete this charming cocktail.

Says I to the pharmacist – “you’re kidding!”
Says the pharmacist to me – “nope!”

So I buy the prep. The whole time on the drive home, I’m thinking this transaction was not kosher! And I’m now working on a slow boil!

I call ExpressScripts. I get a song and pony dance about the prep being a “third tier” drug. I told Harold at ES that I was impressed with his command of the formulary, but why am I paying for this prep? He advised me to call UMR Health Care.

I call UMR Health Care. Tara tells me they do not address pharmacologicals and advised me to call ExpressScripts. When I informed her that ExpressScripts advised me to call UMR, she said I should call MCHCP ( Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan) as they are the insurer of my pharmacologicals.

I call MCHCP as directed. Heather told me:
a. They cannot answer my question
b. I should call express scripts
(I told her I did and they referred me to UMR)
c. I should call UMR
(I told her I did and they referred me to MCHCP)

Then Heather said if I couldn’t afford the prep, I should try to find a generic. I told her there were no generics offered to me. It is up to the physician to write the script and select the prep he finds works best for the procedure he is conducting. In addition, it is part of the procedure. Without the prep, there would be no procedure.
Then, I was placed on hold. Soothing guitar music played in my ear as I waited for five minutes.

Heather returned and said the prep should be covered, but she and her supervisor would research it further and call me back. Not receiving a return call I called them back.
It turns out, after pushing myself on several MCHCP phone workers, I could complain, but it wouldn’t go anywhere. I could write a letter. But it would be for penmanship practice – if you get my drift.
I’m still fuming. It seems my doctors office did not offer me a choice. When I called them back to reschedule the colonoscopy, and told them I was not going to pay $85 for Sumoprep and a plastic cup, they said they understood and sent me a prescription for something called MoviePrep. ( you just can’t make this crap up!) Guess how much? Well, this charming cocktail cost $105 dollars. So I call them back. The nurse tells me that she didn’t think I would want to drink a gallon of prep as opposed to two cups. I told her to do the math, send me a script for Golightly and be done with it. When I took the script to CVS guess how much it cost. It was FREE. Yep, free because it was considered a first tier drug.
I am a young senior. What about grandpa who can’t figger out this crap, and what about the stress placed on some folks wondering if they should spend this huge amount of money on a laxative or choose not do the screening because you have to pay for food this month. This is just wrong.
Here’s the question I asked the Missouri Attorney General
– How many preps have Missouri Citizens paid for because ES, UMR and MCHCP haven’t a clue regarding benefits.
– CMS reports that colonoscopies offer the most benefit and are the most under used free screenings. Could it be the falsely inflated prep cost?
– Why is it that Big Pharm provides physicians with prewritten scripts for their over inflated prep, not to mention the “prep patient education”materials?
No RSVP! Don’t expect one.

I remain off FaceBook. I thought staying off Facebook would be harder than it really was. The only time I feel the pull is when I am up real early in the quiet hours of the morning. I’m thinking of returning in the fall because I miss everyone so much. But, and there is always the “but factor”, I don’t think my personality is a good fit for the social platform.

Love you guys – g


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