Methadone and Mother’s Day

A lot going on this weekend.  Of course it’s my weekend at the clinic.  Lots of moms and moms to be there.  Our clinic offers the expectant mothers special counseling during their MAT.  Lucky babies born to moms in treatment are spared the heroin withdraw, but may still go through weeks of Methadone withdraw.  I hear it’s not as intense, and time spent in the NICU is shorter.  Keep them in your prayers.  They would never ask.

My landscape guru, Eugene, got my new trees in, 8 yards of mulch spread about and everything looks like the Gardens of the Biltmore.  Maybe I exaggerate, but it looks much nicer now.

Trying to work out the bugs with my Blog.  I am finding it a challenge working through this concept, using the tools, and trying to remember what I did last so I don’t need to keep re-inventing the wheel.  This process just reminds me of how many changes there have been in my life – really – think about the past 2 years in technology alone, not to mention in personal life.  I feel the aging process now more than ever.  I think I feel it most in how I process thoughts and how I learn a new task.  Any of you feeling this, too?  I remember being much faster in learning something new. Now, it takes a bit longer, but eventually I catch on…so far!  I won’t lie…its frustrating, but if I don’t keep pushing and learning I feel like I’m stagnating.

Trolling along with a Net

Been trolling some other sites besides mine, doing some reading and working on “The Afghan that Covered The Free World”.  I have one more promised afghan to start and finish for my dear friend Alison before I start my naked mermaid wall hanging.  That should keep my butt busy til Thanksgiving.

New studies are showing that obesity can be related to environment.  It seems that humans will biologically “sympathize” with their  neighborhood environ.  Poorer neighborhoods, after making adjustments for available nutrition and exercise, are breeding more obesity issues, in addition to a high rate of bipolar disorders.  Final studies aren’t in yet to confirm the validity of sympathetic fat, but all you fatties in St.Louis better plan your big move to Ladue and Huntleigh in the near future.  I have no idea where to move to here the ‘burbs of Raw-lee!

I came across another site that seems to offer some solid advise to those seeking out nursing home care.  At least, the last three years of  survey results are listed in a real user friendly format.  You might want to check out this site and see what’s going on in that wacky world of long term care. I’m not sure who is sponsoring it. I did notice the usual disclaimer that the results of surveys do not reflect the real care provided in the nursing homes.  We all, at least those of us with a background in LTC, know this is a bunch of kaa-kaa.  But in all fairness, it seems to be a good reference site.  Let me know what you think.

Book Review

Finished a very disturbing book titled Dr.Mary’s Monkey.  To be brief, and not sound like a complete wing-nut, it’s about the polio vaccine and its paralleled discovery with the JFK assassination. I must admit I was amazed by the crazy convoluted details of this story.  The more the book developed, the more I had to go into the archives of the CDC and the NIH to validate some of the story myself.  That’s when I got angry.

It seems, as confirmed by the information supplied by the CDC and the NIH, we as children were, with good intentions of course, inoculated with a contaminated batch of the Sabin and Salk polio vaccine – 120,000 doses.  What was it contaminated with you ask?  Well it seems the vaccine was grown on and harvested from the kidneys of the Rhesus monkey – Now this wouldn’t have been so bad, but the method of harvesting and filtering the virus to create the vaccine was skewed (to save money) causing a contamination of the innoculate with SV40 (SV stands for simian virus) and live polio virus.

Lots of kids died, some contracted polio, and some just got sick.  Now if you think about this, and how viruses spread, there were a lot of people who came in close contact with those kids, thus spreading this viral contagion on to others. Think of how the flu spreads.  Now those kids that survived reached their 40’s in the 70’s.

Nixon launches a War on Cancer (1971) as a result of the increase of soft tissue cancers.  SV40 is a cancer causing retro-virus.  It lays dormant in our bodies, like the shingles, to reappear later in life.  Is it any wonder why people distrust those who are appointed to protect us?  Is it any wonder why parents are reluctant to have their children inoculated against MMR?

If you are intrigued with this information, check out SV40, or any reference to the Cutter Incident on Google or any other search engine.

Y’all will just have to read the book to get more information about JFK and the development of a biological weapon in New Orleans and the Mafia and the Cubans and Lee Harvey Oswald and Dr. Mary’s missing arm.

Gotta run.  I hear them calling me down the rabbit hole!



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