Gidget does a Widget

Not without a struggle, I learned to add a widget to my blog page.  Now some may ask, “what is a widget?”

Well a widget is just a tool that gets added to the page.  I chose to add the Goodreads widget.  It adds a bit of “blue stocking” feel to the page.  I think the book choices that appear will be those I have read and reviewed on Goodreads.  I’ll be searching for some other doodads to dress up the place in the next couple of days. I wish Goodreads would include Audible book selections.  I must discuss this with them.  Audible books add another dimension to the joy of reading – the narration can make or break a book.  I have a few favorite narrators – John Lee, Simon Primble, and a Bahne Turpin.  It’s nice to listen to a book when hooking or doing needlework.

Do any of you recall listening to the radio soap operas?  Long before I started kindergarten, my mom would fix me a bowl of soup at noon, she’d lite-up a Chesterfield and we would listen to Search for Tomorrow.  Maybe that’s why I like listening to books. Sometimes, the Mister and I will listen to Johnny Dollar, the insurance investigator with the million dollar expense account offered on the web site Great Detectives.  They feature radio shows from the early 40’s thru the early 50’s.  It’s corny, but fun to hear the old commercials and Johnny’s costs as he adds them to his expense account.  Things like telephone calls – 5¢ and car rentals – $1.50.  WWII was occurring and ending so there are certain innuendos about anything Dutch or German.  Just a little bit of history that remains unadulterated.



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