This is truly a learnings experience.  My first blog.  (GASP!). I know nothing about blogging or anything bloggish.  A real learning experience.  So far, I have posted three times.  And three times the posts went into the outer internet space never to be seen again.  They were really good posts, too!  And I hate recreating things I wrote and lost.  They are never the same as the virginal first words.  Oh well.

So, I invite you to join me on this venture into the unknown.  I think my first posts will be very safe, until I get comfortable … Then the old gnarly abrasive take no prisoner Morgan will appear.

My first job is to try and figure out how to find me once I hit publish.  God knows I don’t want to read or waste time in those tutorials!

See you soon!



One thought on “First

  1. Hi Gerry! Rainy day here in St. Louis😠. Headed out to the hospital to visit a good friend. Hope you have a fabulous day! Looking forward to seeing your posts on this Blog. I miss you!


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